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TiMidity++ Slackbuild


Getting MIDI working in Slackware isn’t as easy as it should be. Here’s a simple solution.

I’ve tested it on a full install of Slackware 13 that had no installed packages other than what came with the CD.

1. Download the SlackBuild

TiMidity++_SlackBuild.tar.bz2 ยป

Untar it. You now have a directory called “TiMidity++_SlackBuild”.

Download the Sources

The following files go in the TiMidity++_SlackBuild directory:

2. Run the SlackBuild script

Go to the SlackBuild directory. As root:

chmod +x TiMidity++.SlackBuild

3. Install the Package

When the SlackBuild script finishes, you’ll have a TiMidity++ package in /tmp. Use installpkg to install it.

4. Add TiMidity++ To Your Boot-Up Sequence

Create a rc.local file in /etc/rc.d and set it as executable if you haven’t done so already. To this file add the line:

/etc/rc.d/rc.timidity start

5. Enjoy MIDI

You now have a MIDI port 128:0.

You can also play MIDI files with TiMidity directly. This allows you to use Mozplugger to play streaming MIDI files in Firefox.

Very special thanks to Phonon and Daedra for their contributions.