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MPlayer Settings

Been playing with MPlayer. Here are some decent config file settings: stop-xscreensaver=1 ao=alsa vo=xv ass=true ass-hinting=3 embeddedfonts=true The above should be correct for any Linux distribution where you’re supposed to play audio directly through ALSA and not through Pulseaudio. That is, any Linux distribution that I would consider using. The “ass=true” parameter, in particular, is […]

Building 64-bit Qt apps on Windows

The way to build 64-bit Qt apps on Windows is easy. Not obvious, but easy. First you install the following prerequisites: Visual C++ Express 2010 Windows SDK Qt (specifically the source code for the libraries) Qt Creator Then you build a 64-bit version of Qt against the Microsoft toolchain. Fire up the Visual Studio command […]

LinuxFromScratch EBook

For no reason at all, I tried building an EPUB version of the LinuxFromScratch book. Here it is: Download The table of contents isn’t formatted properly (it’s rendered flat, with no apparent heirarchy), and the code samples are annoyingly rendered in a proportional font, but for reading on a device with a screen too small […]

Backbone.js and RESTful web services

One of the more interesting things about Backbone.js is its integration with RESTful web services. Let’s say I have the following web services: URL Verb Description /entities GET fetch entities /entities POST create entity /entities/id PUT modify entity /entities/id DELETE delete entity And that each service takes JSON objects or arrays of objects, where each […]