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Work I’ve Done With Lamppost Productions

Dog Training: A Guide To Lasting Relationships

This was the most ambitious project I’ve worked on: a professionaly made instructional DVD that two people—a professional dog trainer and a man with strong ties to the film industry—risked everything to make. The script was over a hundred pages, the finished product so long that the DVD authoring house couldn’t fit it on one disk. And they actually rented space at Ajatan Studios for the first day of shooting.

I did the compositing and motion graphics, including a 3D logo animation and a massive amount of greenscreen removal.

That includes all of the following special effects shots:

My most interesting, although least obvious, contribution, however, was the editing of the sprawling narration track. When I started, I found a sentence whose first half was delivered better in one take but whose second half was delivered better in another take, so I cut them together, seamlessly, in midword. I reduced most of the sections I worked on to two thirds of their original length. Some I reduced even futher.

The following sample, for example, I cut down from a fairly long paragraph. It contains about six splices. See if you can spot them.

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