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Building 64-bit Maya 2012 plugins with Visual Studio 2010 Express

This is how you use Visual Studio 2010 Express to build plugins for the 64-bit version of Maya 2012. Requirements To build 64-bit targets, Visual Studio Express requires the Microsoft Windows SDK. The current version is 7.1. Install it too. Strategy The idea is to build a 64-bit DLL and link it against Maya’s libraries. […]

Solarized color theme screenshot

On most Linux distributions, “ls” prints directories in dark blue text. Run an X terminal (such as XTerm) in reverse video, and you get directories in dark-blue-on-black text. I decided that anything would be better, and started looking for solutions. The first solution I found was Solarized. In addition to the main Solarized theme (which […]

A Pythonic Qt List Model Implementation

The following is an attempt at a reference implementation of a PyQt list model. It supports rearranging items via internal drag and drop. By the time you have that, of course, you already have the ability to insert rows, remove rows, set data, and export drag-and-drop data to other applications. That’s everything. Python idioms are […]