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Preparing Video for AMVs. In Linux. Part 2.

This is a follow-up to a previous entry: Preparing Videos for AMVs. In Linux. This is how you cut out the first ten seconds of GG’s Madoka Magica fansubs in lossless HuffYUV format: The size of output.avi? 147M. Or almost 15mb/s, or around 21 GB per episode, 252GB for the whole season. And this is […]

Drag and Drop Uploading with HTML 5 and CoffeeScript

About half a year ago, I blogged about Progressively Enhancing Upload Forms. Here’s another implementation. This time, I’m going to use CoffeeScript. With CoffeeScript, you get for free what you would otherwise have to struggle for if you try to follow best practices and make everything pass jslint. It makes easy what is often difficult: […]