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Hosting Producing OSS Ebooks

UPDATE: This entry previously also linked to EPUB and MOBI versions of Pro Git. It’s been discontinued. The generated ebooks just weren’t up to snuff. Buy the professionally made Kindle version instead. I decided to build and host an ebook versions of Producing Open Source Software. Producing Open Source Software: EPUB If you’re reading thesse […]

Burning gapless audio CDs in Linux

Burning gapless audio CDs from the Linux command-line is easy. Let’s say you have a directory full of .FLAC files. Then all you’ll need to do is: convert the files to CD audio format create a description file burn the CD test it The following paste-worthy lines are all you need. You’ll have to change […]

Backbone.js sample app

For writing a single-page web app, you want something more structured than jQuery. You want a framework that gives you a model-view-something pattern to organize your code around. Google has two: GWT and Closure. Cappucino and Sproutcore are two other choices. Most of these are meant to be used instead of jQuery. Three others, Knockout.js […]