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Single Page Web App Architecture Done Right

The holy grail of web application architecture is not the single-page application. It is the single-page application that works as a multi-page application if you don’t have Javascript enabled. Here’s the right way to write one. It’s simple to describe. You first make it work as a multi-page application, preferably without Javascript. Then you enhance […]

Installing Adobe Air Apps (like Balsamiq Mockups) on Slackware64 13.37

Installing Adobe Air apps on Slackware64 13.37 is not painful if you know how to do it. Start with a standard multilib setup. First, remove Seamonkey and install GConf and ORBit2 from extra/google-chrome. Then install mozilla-nss and gnome-keyring from SlackBuilds.org. Taking dependencies into account, you get the following list of packages to build and install […]

jQuery Validation and jQuery UI

At the risk of making a post that many people will find so elementary as to be meaningless, here’s how you get the jQuery Validation plugin to use jQuery-UI’s CSS framework to highlight error messsages:

Preparing Video for AMVs. In Linux.

I just finished watching an anime and now I feel inspired to make another AMV. This time, I want to use Linux and open source software to do it. My sources are fansubs by gg. They’re 720p (1280×720 16:9) x264-encoded MKVs with embedded subtitles. Obviously, they would need to be converted to a format that […]